Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas Eve...
 Joe and I headed to West Park to help Abe make a batch of Magic Reindeer Food for Santa's reindeer.
Our grandson did an excellent job!

 And then we created Christmas Trees...

 One for Santa, one for the Reindeer, and one for Abe!
Abe colored a picture for Santa Claus as well...

Abe wanted to show Grandpa Joe his room and I am pretty sure the boys were discussing Pirates.

Later at Cassi and Pat's house...
 Cassi and Pat put on the most fantastic CrabFest every Christmas Eve!
Here is Cassi stirring the clam chowder which was out of this world.

 Keith lit the candle wreath.

 Buttons had the place of honor on the wreath this year.

 Cassi gave me this very SPECIAL coloring book.  I am now inspired to reread all The Little House books...in order and then color along.
Thank you, dear sister!

 Time for the feast...
Kate and Noah look quite happy.

Abe is telling his mom he would like to eat everything!

After dinner...
Brianna and Abe watched a very old Christmas movie along with the rest of us.
Cassi, Johnny, and I used to watch this movie at our Oma and Opa's Christmas Eve dinners long ago.
~It goes on~

Back at Abe's house...
Noah and Amy helped Abe set out the Reindeer Food and water...cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer...and of course we all know how much Santa loves milk!
It looks like someone took a bite out of Santa's cookie.

Christmas Morning...
Santa brought Abe a ton of gifts!

 Abe was beside himself with joy!

But first...Abe wanted to show his parents the empty plate.
Santa must have loved his snacks!

Scott, Abby, and Brooke posed for their first official Christmas portrait.

A bit later...
Joe, Brooke, Scott, and I traveled back up to West Park to share Noah and Amy's annual Christmas Brunch and this year Abe added my mom's famous punch...served in the same punch bowl we used when I was little.
The meal was perfect...
Thank you, Noah and Amy.

 Abe had a second Christmas with all of us and Joe was showing him the parts of the Pirate Ship.

 Scott and Abe were working on the Block Buddies, but Abe moved on to another project.
Good work, Scott!

 Abe and Amy had some quiet time together...

 Brooke is thinking of a way to dognap Ellie.
Just kidding...I think.

 Buttons is becoming acquainted with The Little Prince and Friends.

Gracie...my SURPRISE Christmas gift from Brooke and Scott...was conveying Christmas greetings to Ellie from our dog tribe.

Later in Bay Village at Johnny and Corey's house...
The dining room looked just like the old days on Osborn Road.

Cassi is getting ready to make the gravy, Yorkshire pudding, and anything else Johnny needs her to do!
We call her "The Closer".

John Peter is the perfect Christmas Elf!

Abe has a little something for his cousins.
Keith is over the moon with his Christmas gift...a Hoverboard!

 My musician nephew, John, and his very cute and free spirited partner...Gina.

 Joe seems to have Wolf's attention.

 What did we ever do before our cell phone cameras?

 Elliott, our California Boy, is playing with his cousin, Abe.
They are heaven to watch.

It is always such a treat to see Kristen and Travis aka Elliott's parents.
Noah married the two of them a while ago.
That makes my heart so happy.

 Brianna=Sweet and Sassy!

 Brooke adores her Uncle Scott!
We all do...

 My beautiful niece, Elsa.
I love this young woman!

 Noah spent some time with Jimmy...the computer kid.

And then...
Dinner is served!
A huge thank you to Johnny and Corey for continuing our Family Christmas Tradition.
I can't imagine a world without it.

After dinner and dessert...
 It was truly the Elliott and Abe Hour.
The cousins decided to play Dogs.


 The Dogs decided to take a nap...with their eyes open.

 Oma and Nana paid their little granddogs a visit.

And then...
 Pappy thought the boys should be construction workers...and they were until it was time to go home.

 The girls gathered for a game...
Look at those serious faces.

And finally...
When the five of us Elliott siblings get together, it is cause for a HUGE celebration.

We are family...
Yesterday, today, and forever.

~It was the very best of Christmas Holidays~

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

I am loving all the memories of Christmas Past and truly enjoying Christmas Present.
Abe has everything to do with that...

~Merry Christmas, dear Friends and Family~

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve

Twas the Night Before Christmas...
I am hoping you and your families enjoy this special day and evening together.
~Love from all of us in Hittyville and Windy Ridge Farm~

Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas in Hittyville

 Vicki, Cassi, and Johnny are getting a little moral support from Kate and Missy while they get ready to practice their brass piece for the Hittyville Christmas Eve Concert.

Joey helped Vicki set up a Christmas Tree for all the little woodland critters who live around the Elliott Homestead.
Vicki wants to start writing stories about her Critter Hollow Friends.

~Spreading the Christmas Spirit~

Abe's Adventures

Abe and his buddy, Ollie, had the best of times decorating Christmas cookies!


This one is definitely for Santa.

 I am sure Santa Claus will appreciate the loving care that went into decorating the cookies.

Abe has discovered Legos!

Abe now has his very own Prayer Flags.
Like father, like son!

~The happiest of seasons~