Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Abe

I am sure Abe is telling his dad all about his very good day at school.
My grandson looks like he is still basking in the glow of our Thomas the Tank Engine Adventure.

~So very cute~

An After Dinner Rainbow

We came out of BW3's and were greeted by lots of rain and then...a rainbow.
Ashland University is to the right...

Memorial Day

Johnny and Corey hosted a family picnic in honor of Memorial Day and we all had a really wonderful time!
I love Amy's pose...

An Abe and Thomas the Tank Engine Adventure

Abe loves Thomas the Tank Engine and we were all so excited for our little engineer to experience a "Day Out With Thomas".

Joe and I LOVE being grandparents!
Abe is such a joy...

Auntie Brooke is crazy about her nephew as well!

Getting ready to board...

The train reminded me of our train trips to Florida MANY years ago.

My son and grandson...
Such a blessing to be part of this family adventure.





Feeling the first bit of movement...

 Abe decided to spend most of our ride on Grandpa Joe's lap.
They "chatted" the entire time.

A bit later...
 Abe was totally engaged in the train activities under the tents.

We ALL definitely had the best of times!



Brooke's friend, Kristy, raises "Fainting Goats" and this little guy was going to be sent to market unless someone bought him and soon!

Brooke went into rescue mode and insisted we buy Danny and make him our pet.
We did and Kristy was happy about the reprieve for Danny's sake.

 Danny is the sweetest little guy and has been fully embraced by Larry, Curly, and Moe.

 Surveying his new domain...

Danny hasn't been startled enough to fall down...hence the name Fainting Goat...and I hope that doesn't happen often.
I am assured it is a harmless nervous reaction to a "surprise", but I like my goats upright and calm.

~Loving Danny~

That Time of Year

I am imagining all these posies in pots and in full bloom...
It will happen!


The author of this book made a needle felted gnome a day for one year.
I think I would like to make one Hittyville Friend art page a day!

~Just do it~

Ollie the Otter

We have a new friend from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park!

Our Picnic Table

 Thank goodness for our tractor, Old Blue!

Love it!
We need to get a spacer for the umbrella opening...

~Coming together~

Puzzle Art

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Finding a Home on Instagram

I have decided to give Instagram a try!  I like the concept of one picture and just a quick caption.  
Please visit me over at instagram.com  My "name" is vickiofhittyville.

Life is good and artfully busy on the farm...

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Bit of Artful Fun

 Matisse inspired...

Framed and ready for their homes on our studio walls!

~Love Creating~

Happy Birthday to Joe

You're the song
I love to play over and over.
You're the movie I never get tired of.
You're the book I can't seem to put down.
You're the one I will love forever.

If I had my life to live over again...
Next time I would find you sooner
So that I could love you longer.

Once in a while, 
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairytale.
~All Anonymous Quotes~

Happy Birthday, dear Joe...

Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Birthday to Noah

This is one of my favorite pictures of Noah.  My son was spending a year in Scotland and totally embraced that entire experience...as he does life in general.
Noah is a free spirit with an artist's soul.  At the age of 33, he is a husband, father, and teacher.  Noah will forever be a student as well because his curious mind hungers for knowledge and new adventures.
I have learned much from my son and can't wait to see where his journey takes him.
Noah is exactly the son I imagined and hoped for.
Wishing my youngest child the happiest of birthdays with much love...

Mother's Day

 Joe, Brooke, and I headed to Cleveland to spend Mother's Day with Noah, Amy, and Abe.  We were also celebrating Noah and Joe's birthdays.
I felt so blessed to be able to spend this holiday with my children.

 Joe spent some time with Abe before he worked on a couple of projects.

 Judy and Amy found this nice little kitchen "island" and Joe tightened up some of the screws.  The kitchen looks 100% better with the pretty blue painted walls.

 Abe and I did a quick art project on the deck and then my grandson was ready to move!

 Joe, Noah, and Amy were busy getting ready to open the pool and do some yardwork and Brooke was grading papers...so Abe and I played outside.

 Abe is thoroughly enjoying his "sports center" from Grammie Judy.
We also played elephant and pounded on some drums.

After an hour or so, Abe was eager to get back to his cars.
I was relieved because the temperature was in the high 80's and I am a big fan of air conditioning!

After a very full day with Noah and family, Joe, Brooke, and I headed home and stopped at Rockne's for a quick dinner.  We saw the exciting finish to the Cav's game and it was fun to hear everyone cheering in the restaurant!

Noah and Amy got me this awesome car/lamp for Mother's Day and Brooke was generous with gift cards and a beautiful necklace.

The greatest gifts of all are my PRECIOUS children.  Being their mother is an honor and privilege.

~It was the best of days~

Morning Mushrooms

Little pockets of treasures on our farm...

New Pool Steps

We love our pool, but these steps just had to go!

The steps were basically a ladder and the safety door was a huge pain and wouldn't stay open.

Joe to the rescue!

My husband can do just about anything...

 MUCH better!  Joe is going to add a gate at the bottom of the steps.
He is also going to add one more step on the ground.

 Thank you SO much, Joe!

Last night...
I LOVE our pool and the heater is the best thing ever!
Water temperature....88 degrees...just right for this swimmer.


Netflix Comes to the Farm

 Because we had such slow internet service in the past, Netflix was not an option.  I was not a fan of their mailing program.

 Noah told me about this show and the episode about Francis Mallmann, chef extraordinaire from Argentina.
I wondered if the new Verizon Wireless would allow me to access Netflix.
It does and I watched the show Noah highly recommended.

Francis Mallmann is the MOST interesting man and his artistry was heaven to watch.
I love eccentric artists!

~Looking forward to some good documentaries on Netflix~