Monday, November 21, 2016

Picasso Abe

 Abe reminded Noah of a shirtless Picasso, working feverishly on his projects.
Abe had raided Amy's work bag and discovered some unused cups and applesauce packets and decided to have an Applesauce Party of sorts!
I just love this boy's imaginative play and am so thankful he has parents who understand.

Abe was excited about going to the grocery store, but not about wearing his new shoes.

Noah informed his son Santa would greatly approve of his being cooperative and Abe's demeanor totally changed.

Gotta love Santa!

Changing of the Guard

I have been seriously having the best of times over the past couple of months.
I have totally reorganized Hittyville and packed away TONS of things.
My Journaling and Art Rooms are coming together and I feel a sense of real direction as an artist...
I recently polled my family and friends and they ALL agreed, my blog is rarely visited by them anymore.  I appreciated their honesty.  They love the fact Hittyville is a big part of my life, but for them...not so much.
So...what I have been doing is journaling my Hittyville a bit of a scrapbook form and loving it.  That is how I started and then I began sharing it with my mom and dad and students online.  Blogs were "the thing" back then and although it was a tremendous amount of work, I thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciated the MANY visitors which made it all worthwhile. 
Times have changed and so have I.  I no longer feel the need to live my creative life "out loud".  My parents have passed on, I am no longer teaching, and I sense any interest in Hittyville has greatly diminished over the years.  I am totally content living in my own private world where my love of Hittyville is stronger than ever!
I will, however, continue to put my Abe stories here for my immediate family to see and then print out the entries for my grandson's journals.
In the past, I have wrestled with "to blog or not to blog" and when it became apparent very few were visiting Hittyville, I decided it was really time to go back to my roots and I am so glad I have!

~Change can definitely be a good thing~

Monday, November 14, 2016

Abe's Wonderful Weekend

 Time for a trim...

So handsome!

Corn pancakes and a fruit smoothie...The perfect energy starter for a busy Sunday.

Abe helped Mommy and Daddy rake the leaves.

And then...
 Abe attended a classmate's 4th birthday party at The Little Gym.
Birthday parties sure do change from generation to generation.

 There's our Abe...front and center of the action!

A happy time was had by all...

~Blessed childhood~

Friday, November 11, 2016

Abe and Amy's Fall 2016 Minnesota Trip

 At the airport getting ready to fly to Minnesota to visit Grammy, Kent, Gigi...and so many more!

On the airplane and so excited to be on this journey!

In Minnesota...
 The "Ladies" of the family...

Happy Cousins...Owen, Abe, and Maisie definitely share some genes!

A special moment in time...

Abe and his VERY beloved great-grandmother.

Gigi's cane made a perfect "horse".
It's all a matter of how we look at things.

 Abe played the Butterfly Game with his cousins.

Rudolph or a clown?
Funny Abe!

Time for Friends...
 A happy reunion!

Abe is such a ladies man...

 Nothing is quite as sweet as watching your child play with your friend's children.

Playtime is the best time.

Abe had so much fun meeting all of his new friends!

Field Trips...
 Aquariums have a way of capturing a child's imagination...

Curious Abe.

The Zoo Park...
 Mother and son...

On a safari!

 Footloose and fancy free...

Thinking about getting back on the airplane and flying home to Daddy and Ellie/Mudder.

And then...
 Home, sweet home!

Abe had the best of times with his Minnesota Family and Friends.

~Cherished Memories~

Abe's Lunchbox

 Abe's lunchbox...

So healthy!!!
My childhood school lunches consisted of bologna sandwiches, chips, and cookies.  But then again, that was some 60 years ago.
How times and lunchboxes have changed!

Abe's Montessori School

Abe is loving his preschool Montessori experience.

 Book nook...

The Pink Tower and notice the inside shoes...

 Housekeeping skills are part of the curriculum...

 I love the tactile approach to learning.

Fine motor skill activities...

 This room is of the utmost importance to 3 year olds!

Maria Montessori encouraged the display of classic art.

~The best education for Abe~

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Hittyville Adventure

Joe and Vicki love their Never Ending Pasta Bowl Complimentary Pass!
Tonight the pasta and salad were just perfect.
~A place where Friends meet~

Cassi's SURPRISE Birthday Party

My brother-in-law, Pat, planned a surprise party for Cassi in honor of her 65th birthday.  He did a great job of organizing the gathering.

 Let the party begin...

And Cassi really and truly was...

Cassi remained in a semi-state of shock the entire party!

Noah and Scott shared in the moment.

My family...minus Amy and Abe who were in Minnesota visiting her family.

Cassi, me, Kate, and Johnny...missing Missy!  Her son, Wolf, played his last home college football game and she and Scott cheered their senior son to victory in New York.
They were totally excused...

Cassi's good friend, Jeri, looked on as Cassi spent some time singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" with her adorable granddaughter, Brianna.

~Happy Birthday, dear Cassi~