Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The OG Diner

 Virginia and Cherry haven't seen their husbands in days.  They are working hard on finishing up Granny Apple's "Dream Diner".

At the Apple Homestead...
 Granny Apple cannot stand it a minute longer.
She wants to know about the surprise her husband has planned for her!

A bit later...
 Granny Apple cannot believe her eyes!  Her dear husband and sons have built her the Diner she has always dreamed of.
Grandpa Apple remembered she wanted to call her Diner "OG's Diner" in honor of the first initials of their names...Opal and George!

Granny Apple thanks her husband with her whole heart and can't wait to start cooking!

Dreams really do come true...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine Man

 Vicki just loves the heart shaped pond Joe made for her behind their homestead.  And her thoughtful husband even got her a new easel, paints, and canvases!

 Vicki loves her pond, but loves Joe more!

And then...
 Joe built Abe his very own playhouse for Valentine's Day.

Abe loves playing with his Grandpa Joe!
Boys are boys no matter their age...

~It was the best of Valentine's Days~

Holding on to a Dream

 Grandpa Apple asks his wife why she has been so quiet lately.

 Granny Apple explains the Hittyville Bakery is running smoothly with Virginia and Cherry at the helm and she isn't really needed.
Granny Apple would like to make her lifelong dream finally come true...but isn't sure how to make it happen.

Grandpa Apple tells his wife most dreams are meant to come true...and this one has been a long time coming!

~To be continued~

Monday, February 16, 2015

President's Day in Hittyville

 George Washington makes himself available to the Hittyville Friends every President's Day for a Question and Answer Session.
Rosie and Rusty ask the former President if he REALLY did cut down his father's cherry tree.

 Poor old George wishes he NEVER would have cut down that cherry tree!
No one seems to remember his many other accomplishments like...establishing the cabinet of advisors, signing into law the first copyright law, formalizing the first Thanksgiving...and then there was his military career!

Speaking of cherries...
 Granny Pickle never seems to make enough of her delicious cherry pies for her Hittyville Cafe on President's Day.

At the Elliott Homestead...
 Vicki explains to her Doll Friends their log cabin was modeled after President Lincoln's childhood home.
Abraham Lincoln is the other President most celebrated on President's Day.

At the Carlson Homestead...
 Hittyville's very own Abe is happy to share his name with the highly respected and admired President "Abe" Lincoln. the Hittyville Library....
Hitty Rose and Lewis decided to research the origin of President's Day.

  Hitty Rose tells Lewis that while President's Day started with honoring George Washington and then Abe Lincoln, many celebrate all the Presidents.

There is one President who Lewis will NOT celebrate and that is President William McKinley.  Lewis is known throughout Hittyville for his deep love of the color YELLOW.  Lewis could not believe President McKinley's wife, Ida, detested the color YELLOW so much she had EVERYTHING YELLOW removed from the White House AND ordered the gardener to cut down EVERY YELLOW flower!
Lewis thinks it is no wonder President McKinley looks so unhappy in his picture...

~Happy President's Day from the Hittyville Friends~
Please note Lewis is officially boycotting the inclusion of President McKinley as part of this holiday!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hittyville's Beginnings

 Granny Pickle thinks it is high time Hittyville had an Official Directory starting with the history of the Five Boroughs of Hittyville.  And who better to write the introduction than the founding Friend and present Governor of Hittyville...Miss Hitty!

 Miss Hitty originally hails from Maine.  She was quite an avid adventurer in her youth.  One summer, long ago, our wooden Friend decided to travel West to discover virgin lands and waters.  Miss Hitty was hoping to find a very special place to build her homestead.  
After weeks of hiking with just a knapsack, Miss Hitty discovered the most beautiful waterfall!

 Miss Hitty not only discovered Stone Falls and the ancient whale, Blue...but met a kindred spirit, Miss Hickory.  The two "girls" became fast friends and have remained so for too many years to count.
Miss Hitty always believed Blue was a mythical creature.  Only Miss Hickory and Miss Hitty have been "allowed" to ride on the REAL Blue...not mythical at all, but seemingly ageless.
She is lovingly protected by her many Hittyville Friends to this day.

Miss Hickory was eager to show Miss Hitty the land just beyond Stone Falls.
 Lots and lots of beautiful land...

 Miss Hitty fell in love with Meadow Creek...where Miss Hickory made her home and still does!
Miss Hitty eventually built her homestead at one end of Meadow Creek which is parallel to Hittyville Harbor.

 Happy River took Miss Hitty's breath away.  A perfect haven for MANY animal friends...

 Lake Erie sealed Miss Hitty's fate.  The esteemed Governor put down roots and hasn't left Hittyville since she first laid eyes on the heavenly land.

The days of Miss Hitty were truly remarkable in every way...but the present days of Governor Hitty are just as a different and delightful way.

Let the work on the Directory begin!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Favorite Hittyville Holiday

Lewis decorated a little Valentine twig tree for his special Hittyville Friend, Hitty Rose.
~Happy Valentine's Day~