Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Happenings in Hittyville

 It's time to pick out the Junior Miller Family pumpkins for the carving party tonight.

 Frankie and Little Dracula are making sure their Halloween Mansion is in perfect order for the Treat or Treaters this evening!

 The Witchie Sisters are always grateful to Granny Pickle for letting them use The Hittyville Cafe's kitchen to make their extraordinary caramel apples every Halloween!

 The Scott Family is ready for this fun holiday in Hittyville.

The O'Briens are making Pumpkin Cider on this Halloween at The Hittyville Orchard Pub.
They hope all the Hittyville Friends stop by to give it a try!

Lewis is showing his "costume" to his best buddy, Danny.
He is the Biggest Cleveland Indians Fan ever!

~Happy Halloween from the Hittyville Friends~

Friday, October 28, 2016

Hittyville Happenings

 Vicki has been very busy doing her Fall Cleaning this past week.

 The Hittyville Friends Horse Farm is completed and everyone is pitching in to help it run smoothly!

 Eloise DuPont is getting ready to open her new flower shop.  Pierre has been a tremendous help in getting the shop ready.

Frida is excited about her next painting idea...

~Life is good in Hittyville~

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Longing for Civility

I just deactivated my Facebook account.  I do this now and then, but this time it is for a completely different reason.
I have become increasingly uncomfortable with the negativity and hatred directed toward our political candidates and those who either support or do not support them.
I have experienced many elections and have never witnessed such a lack of civility.  Everyone has a right to their opinion, but what happened to agreeing to disagree?
I have read comments about this election from "friends" that have totally made my heart sick. is time to step away from all the crazy noise and move forward in the democratic spirit of a more civil America.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I just adore Brooke and Scott's dog, Abby.  I usually stop by a couple times a week during the school day to visit with her.  She is always glad to see me, but looks at the door hoping Brooke is behind me.
Abby has had several homes in her lifetime and hit the jackpot when adopted by Brooke and Scott.
~Happiness is being their dog~


Noah is the most dedicated of teachers.  The inner city is a challenging place to be, but my son can't imagine himself anywhere else.

 Noah's staff members were each gifted with a couple of classroom signs by the photography company that took pictures of students and staff this year.
The quote was arbitrary and Noah loved it.

Besides being a great teacher, Noah has a talent for cooking...and he loves doing it.
I am so glad we have a chef in the Miller/Carlson Family!

A Mini Reunion

 Scott and Missy made a whirlwind visit to Ohio and those who were available celebrated the occasion!

Cassi, Vicki, Johnny, and Missy...
Kate was in Miami at a conference and we missed her!

~We all treasure these family gatherings~

Catching Up With Abe

 Joe taught Abe how to go fence walking with a stick.

 The best of buddies...

 Joe showed Abe how to twirl a maple seed!

 Abe and I created an airport that connected to the railroad.

 Abe organized a reading party with many of his friends.

 This is Abe singing Happy Birthday to his game fish.  Noah told me he sang the complete birthday song at least 20 times!

 All children love to run through the leaves and Abe is no exception!

 Abe notices all the landmarks in his neighborhood and says hello to each one as he drives by!

 Abe loves organizing his toys.

 Helping paint Daddy's study.

 The family that paints together...

At the Natural History Museum...
 Fun times!

 A new friend...

 Best neighborhood friends!

Grandpa Root (Amy's dad) and Kathie visited Abe and they had a wonderful time!

~Abe is having the best of childhoods~

Around the Farm

 I so appreciate our farm...

 A bit of art...

 October Board!

Joe is getting ready to repair the water damage on our ceiling...
So sorry, Joe!

Thank you, Pat and Cassi, for letting us know our childhood Elliott sign needed a home!

Joe and I are going to restore this special sign to its original glory...

 I just can't believe how paint can be matched today!

Life is good on the farm...

A Visit from Abe

 Ellie came to vist her Farm Cousins and join them for their grooming day.

Abe helped Joe feed the fish.

 Abe was quite excited to meet Toby!

   Our grandson loves feeding the goats.

King of the Goat Mountain!

 We had fun decorating Five Little Pumpkins and reciting the poem...

~Joe and I LOVE being grandparents~

Amazing Brooke

Brooke recently completed her 3000th workout at Curves!!!
Congratulations, dear daughter...You have such willpower!

The Hittyville Council

 The new Hittyville Council is holding their first meeting at the Friendship Church, which happens to include a delicious lunch served by Bella Merry and Getta Elliott.

After lunch, the business meeting begins...
 Mayor Hitty introduces Vicki Miller of Hittyville Acres.

 John Elliott represents Hittyville Village.

 Newcomer Clara Baxter represents Hittyville Meadow and Harlan Hubbard is the council member from Hittyville Township.

 Another newcomer, Faith Potter, is the representative from Hittyville Hills.

The Friends discuss upcoming Hittyville events including the Halloween Festival, the Community Thanksgiving Feast, and Christmas decorations and the Annual Caroling Party.

And then...
 The Hittyville Council members catch up on each others family news.

Mayor Hitty thinks this is the best Hittyville Council ever!

~Happy New Beginnings~