Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Hittyville Adventure...The Horse Whisperer

 Gertie is thrilled.  She has been honored with the title Horse Whisperer by Grandmother Gnome Teagan.

 Grandmother Gnome Teagan tells Gertie she has the greatest gift for Horse Whispering she has ever seen and to use her talent wisely and VERY discreetly.

 Tex has stopped by to ask Gertie is she has any idea why his horse, Brownie, keeps neighing and wanting to leave his pasture.
Tex vaguely remembers this behavior last year about this same time.

 Everyone in Hittyville knows Gertie has a way with horses and Tex would appreciate any help she might be able to offer.
Brownie is driving him crazy.

 Gertie asks for a moment alone with Brownie...and listens.

At the Dandelion Field...
 Gertie explains to Tex that there is nothing more tasty than a good dandelion crop and this Spring's offerings have been amazing!
Sometimes, horses get a sense there is a special treat in the area.
She promises Tex that Brownie will be back to his well behaved self after a hearty meal of dandelions.

Gertie also tells her Friend to try thinking like a horse.
It really is rather easy to do after a bit of practice.

It was the best of days for Brownie...and Gertie's horse, Sweetie, as well.

Family Time

 After a great dinner with Brooke and Scott, we stopped by their house to pick up a dismantled deck awning setup so Joe could take it to his work dumpster.  Way to go, Scott!  He is getting more and more handy with each and every project.
I love that their home is starting to get a lived in feeling.

Joe and I washed off Scott's old storage shelves which he kindly gave me for my Journaling Room...
Thank you, Scott!

~Love my family~

Gardener Joe

 Joe was determined to plant the boxwood today, but needed to transplant some plants first.
I love the peonies so much and am sad they have such a short blooming life.

 Mother Nature is the greatest artist of all...

 Joe found another spot much more to the azaela bush's liking.

 Measuring Man!

 In they go...

As promised...Project completed by dinner time!

Thank you, Superman Joe...

On This Day in 1859

On May 31, 1859, Big Ben went into operation in London.

Monday, May 30, 2016

A Hittyville Adventure...Hitty June's Happy Day

 Hitty June has packed her bag and is in search of a new home.

 Hitty Rose and Beau are taking a walk and Hitty Rose wonders where her Friend is traveling to on this beautiful day.

 Hitty June sadly replies her Tortoise duties are finished in Hittyville and she is on a quest to find Tortoises who need care until they can return to their natural habitat.

 Hitty Rose thinks Hitty June might want to rethink her plan.

 Philippe calls out to Hitty June and tells her she is just the Friend he needs to talk to.

 Philippe found three young abandoned Tortoises on an island he was exploring and knew Hitty June was just the Friend to take care of them.

Hitty June hopes her tent is still available in Adventure Land where she will be blissfully living once again.

~It was the best of days for Hitty June~

First Swim of the Season

Joe and I spent a half hour in our pool today...and it was heavenly.
I think the fact the water temperature is 88 degrees might have something to do with it!
~The pause that refreshes~

Hannah's Graduation Party

 On Sunday, family and friends gathered to celebrate my niece Hannah's high school graduation.  

 Hannah is a beautiful and gifted soul who has a bright future before her.

 Let's get this party started!

 We finally got to meet John Peter!!!
Be still, my heart...

 Sweet Brianna and her mama...

 New homeowners Scott and Brooke...


 Keith and Kate...happy together!

 A bit of basketball...

 Joe and Johnny...deep in conversation about fences.

And then...
 Abe wanted a ride back to his car.

 Good old Grandpa Joe!


 And away they go!

 Abe had the ride of his life!

Joe thought a piggyback ride would be best at this point as Noah parked on the street!
Abe just didn't want to let go.
These two are the best of buddies!

Thank you for this picture, Corey!
My camera took a rest while I ate and socialized with all the lovely people.
We had a wonderful time celebrating Hannah and family.

~Thank you to Johnny and Corey for a very special time~


Last week Gypsy and Pixie got into a major dogfight during a mole hunt.  Joe had to take Pixie to the vet for a leg injury...She is fine now, thank goodness!
Later that evening, all was forgotten and forgiven.
If only we humans could be like that.

Brooke and Scott's IKEA Trip

 Brooke and Scott journeyed to Cincinnati to visit the IKEA store in search of just the right shelving for Brooke's workroom.

 The IKEA stores have cafeterias where the specialty is...Swedish meatballs.
Brooke fell in love!

After a day of shopping, the twosome headed to the Montgomery Inn which had been highly recommended to them by friends.

 Two very happy diners!

Brooke and Scott stopped by the farm on their way home and surprised us with awesome presents...The bakery goods are long gone and were delicious!
Actually, we found out the gifts were a bribe...They would LOVE to have Joe's help in putting together their new shelf.

And he will gladly do that...just keep the treats coming!

A Bit of Abe

 VERY cool and how did our grandson get so tall?

Everyone needs to stop and just be for a moment now and then.

Love...always love.