Sunday, July 26, 2015

An Amazing Evening With Abe

 Joe and I just love it when Noah and Amy go on a date!
Joe and I played non-stop with our grandson for three hours before he fell into a very deep sleep...

Abe was 100% into the Play-Doh!

We made bowls and balls...a few times over!

And then there was the car/train "garage" play which eventually took up the entire table.  Each little toy was placed with careful consideration.

We also danced, chalked, played "Where's Mouse?" and looked at Abe's new Elmo and Daniel books.

~It was definitely the best of evenings~

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Abe's Summer Fun

Abe is one lucky little boy because he has a VERY big swimming pool and he loves it!

Abe visited The Mellow Mushroom in Rocky River with his mom and dad.

Abe was a bit upset there were no french fries on the menu, but really did like the pizza.

Abe loves his cars and the patio table is just the place to "drive" them around.

 The Carlson Family loves the West Side Market...

Oma and Abe enjoyed some water play on a very hot Sunday.

 This is one of Brooke's favorite pictures.

Visits with Abe are treasured beyond words...

Abe and Ellie have an extremely special bond.

~Abe is having the best of summers~

Abe's Summer Trip to Minnesota

 Noah, Amy, and Abe headed to Minnesota earlier this summer to visit Amy's family.  Amy made sure Abe was well entertained on the long car trip.

 Mr. Potato Head fun!

At Grammy and Kent's home in Minnesota...
Abe cooled off with his cousin, Maisy. refreshing!

 Of course, some resting time was needed after such a busy time running through the sprinkler!

At the Mall of America...
 Abe was mesmerized by the indoor amusement park...

 Abe had no problem hanging on to Maisy's hand while they walked around the mall.  There are some places too big for exploring all by yourself.

 Monkey see...monkey do.  In this case, the monkey is Abe.

 Abe sure does love snack time.

 Bowling fun in St. Paul, Minnesota...

 Abe is wondering why it is not okay to run down the alley and bring back his ball.  He did manage to chase it a couple of times!

Also in St. Paul...
Grammy and Gigi spent some quality time with Abe so Noah and Amy could partake in refreshments at The Happy Gnome.
The parents had a great time!

At the Walker Art Center's Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis...
 This amazing park is one of the country's largest urban sculpture gardens.

 Father and happy son...

 Mother and loving son...

 That is one BIG bell!

 Looking UP!

 Where is Mama?

Abe found her!
~It was the best of vacations~

Friday, July 17, 2015

A Day Cruise on The Happy River

 Today was the most perfect day for a cruise on The Hittyville Riverboat.

 One of the many wonderful things about Hittyville is the weather is always just right for an adventure.

 Frank and Barbie are thrilled Barbie's parents could join them for a family day.

 Abe has decided he wants to be a Riverboat Captain when he grows up.  Noah and Amy are keeping eagle eyes on their young son...just in case he decides he suddenly wants to become a diver.

 Betsy and Ginny think it would be fun to make flags like the ones on the riverboat for their new bedroom.

 Joe and Vicki love being on the water.  They need to take out Minnow...their canoe...sometime soon.

 Brooke and her friend, who is also a teacher, are discussing moving to their brand new school next month.

Chef Henri asks Hitty Rose and Lewis what they would like for lunch.
The talented Frenchman likes to cook from scratch and shuns menus.
No one has ever been disappointed...

Everyone on the Happy River Cruise is indeed happy today!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Abe Visits Grand Pacific Junction

 Grandpa Joe was looking forward to showing Abe the historical "village" he helped build.
Abe was about to visit a REAL train depot from long ago.

 Abe was very interested in the train engine.

 Noah and Abe listened to Grandpa Joe talk all about the caboose we were sitting in.
I need to start taking more pictures on our Abe Adventures.  I find I get all caught up in the moment and forget about my camera....For example, I really should have taken a picture of the outside of the caboose!
Next time...

 Time for lunch!
Abe was listening to the train going by.  Grand Pacific Junction is built next to a very busy railroad track and you can be guaranteed of the sound of a "choo choo" every 20 minutes!

The village has a wonderful toy store and Abe picked out a few fun things.
Noah was checking in with Amy...who was working.
We missed you, Amy!

We all had a great visit and plan to return soon.
There is still so much to do and a lot more pictures to take!

The Search For Tib

 Vicki and Poppy LOVE the Betsy~Tacy~Tib books with all their hearts.

 Vicki thinks of herself as Betsy, especially with her brown braids.
And Poppy is the perfect Tacy with her red hair.
Now to find just the right Tib!  
Which one of their friends has yellow hair and is lots of fun and has read the Maud Hart Lovelace series?

Jane thinks it would be wonderful to have a friendship just like Betsy, Tacy, and Tib.
Oh, the adventures they could have...

~To be continued~

Clean Cages

Brooke and I went pet supply shoppng today and I can't thank my wonderful daughter enough for cleaning my guinea pig cages!
My little pigs thank her as well...

Looks Interesting

I love Book Clubs!