Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pool Day

 What a perfect day for putting up our pool!
The workers arrived bright and early with all their equipment.

 Thank goodness the ground is dry.

 Final measurements...

 There were 5 guys and they all had their different jobs.

Let the "scraping" begin!

Sand for the bottom...

 Lots of leveling...

 Getting ready for the pump and heater...

 Love our liner...

Time for the water...

Jeff had on his boots...I checked.

Joe moved all the dirt from the mini excavating pile down to the back of our property.

I am so glad Joe stayed home for this major project.

 And now for the deck...

 The steps are basically a ladder which I did not Joe is going to make a set of a"real" steps.
Thank you, dear husband!

 The view from our pool deck this morning.

 We have a bit of landscaping to do.

Now to decide where to put the table and benches...and the fire pit!

~I feel so blessed to have this little vacation spot right here on our farm~

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ruby's Treasures

Hello Everybody!
I love my name Ruby but...I hear people say how clever it was to name a baby with red hair Ruby.  
Okay, so my hair isn't really red...It's more of a shade of orange.
Come to think of it, I much prefer Ruby to Carrot or Tangerine.
I suddenly have a whole new perspective...not bad for a little baby like me.

~Until next time~
Love from Ruby

Molly the Mouse

Molly and Joe
Are taking a stroll
And decide to stop
For coffee and a roll.

Polly...A Collector of Quotes

"With every rising of the sun, think of your life as just begun."

Another Alpha Land Friend

Piggy Penelope has her work cut out for her!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hittyville Helpers

Hitty Gertrude Bell and Philippe are devastated over the earthquake that has crippled Nepal.  The Hittyville Friends have climbed Mount Everest several times and fell in love with the entire country.
The traveling duo will be delivering needed medical supplies to Nepal as soon as possible.
The people of Nepal are in our thoughts and prayers.

Ruby's Treasures

Hello Everybody!
My name is Ruby and as the song goes, I am "Younger than Springtime".
But I must say, this season called Spring and I have something very important in common...BABIES!
As you have probably noticed, I am a baby and I have just met three other Spring babies.
I think this thing called LIFE is going to be lots of fun!

~Until next time~
Love from Ruby

Molly the Mouse

Molly the Mouse 
Is back teaching today
It is good to be home
After being away.

The honeymoon is over
Married life has begun
Molly looks forward
To days filled with fun.

Polly...A Collector of Quotes

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in Nature."
~Gerard de Nerval~

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Banner YELLOW Day

 Grandmother Gnome is so happy Lewis suggested planting Dandelion Gardens especially for the Gnomes.  This batch of Dandelions will be just perfect for Grandmother Gnome's delicious tea which cures all Spring ailments.

 Lewis has also declared much of Hittyville's fields as No Dandelion Picking Zones.
Lewis is a firm believer in appreciating the magnificent YELLOW flowers where they bloom.

 Lewis decided to visit Socrates' new outdoor home.
He could not believe his eyes!
Lewis had never seen such a YELLOW tree before.

 Lewis had heard about the Forsythia "trees" but had NEVER seen one...until now!
Our little friend was in YELLOW heaven.

Lewis could not help himself!  He just had to bring a bit of YELLOW heaven home with him.

~It was the best of YELLOW days for Lewis~

Molly the Mouse

Molly the Mouse 
And Joe her spouse
Are all settled in 
Their small happy house.

Polly...A Collector of Quotes

"Happiness is found in the little things in life."

Another Alpha Land Friend

I need to ask Owly Oliver if we would consider publishing a Collection of Owl Wisdom book...

Ginny and Me

 I was thinking about my blog the other day and like the little "shorts" I do which include Polly...A Collector of Quotes and Molly the Mouse.
I thought it might be fun to do a Ginny and Me...which I am doing now...where I discuss ideas with my dear Ginny doll.
I also want to do a daily picture/story featuring the thoughts of a baby.
And then, finally, I think a "short" on friendship using my American Girl dolls would be interesting to create.
I had lots to mull over and who better to do that with than Ginny.

A bit later... 
 Ginny liked all of my ideas...especially the one called Ginny and Me.

 She totally loved my idea about the "talking" baby.

Ginny thought the baby should be named Ruby...I do believe the old painted ladybug rock gave my doll friend the idea.

I know...I will call the little stories Ruby's Treasures.
Thank you, Ginny!

Now to find a baby doll with RED hair...

A Wonderful Day

 I woke up and had an adventure in mind.
Joe and I traveled to Easton and were hungry for the Mongolian Barbeque.


And then...
Guess where we went next...


 Now to find Ruby...

Not only did we find Ruby and some accessories, but there was this amazing Gazebo!

Joe and I visited a couple of other stores and then headed home.
I LOVE our adventures...


Yesterday was filled with family, dogs, and fun!
Abe visited Auntie Brooke's school, where the community was celebrating Ashland Middle School's 100th birthday.
I love my family...

Dinner Love

I LOVED my dinner at Jake's last night...

Friday, April 24, 2015

Adorable Abe

 Hello Friends!
Well, here I am on Grandpa Joe and Oma's farm.  This is where Dada grew up and Auntie Brooke is lucky because she lives here with all the land and animals.
Don't you just love my hat?  It belongs to Grandpa Joe because I forgot mine.
I wonder if he will let me keep it?

 I am busted!  I "borrowed" Oma's little Christmas camper and Dada and Mama are telling me I have to put it back where it belongs.  It SHOULD belong to me because I like it and the only thing I can think to do is stick out my tongue.
It's probably a good thing my parents didn't see me do that because I know it isn't a very nice thing to do...but it sure feels good when I am frustrated!
Visiting Oma is hard because she has way more toys than me and they are all very fun to play with, but most of them have to stay in her doll world, Hittyville.
I guess I wouldn't like Oma taking MY toys home with her...and she and Grandpa Joe do give me lots of very cool toys.

Uh-oh!  I hear Oma. Oh whew...she is calling in the dogs, not me!
I love my Oma, but she ALWAYS seems to know what I am doing...or taking.
It must be because she taught little kids like me FOREVER.

I guess I am ready to go back inside the farmhouse...There is that amazing Lego bus I want to "just look at" one more time!

See you soon...
~Love from Abe~

Lewis' Very Important Emails

 Lewis' sister, Lucy, has stopped by to ask Lewis if he has checked his emails yet today.

 Lewis was just about to do that when Lucy arrived and is thrilled to see his good friend, Miles, has emailed him all the way from England!

 Miles loves Dandelions as much as Lewis and the boys like to exchange pictures of their first YELLOW "flowers" of the season.

 Miles is the best of friends and Lewis needs to get busy and send him his Hittyville Dandelion pictures!

Lucy tells her brother that is all very nice about Miles, but she was referring to an email from Aunt Hitty June, who like Miles, is currently living in England.

 Aunt Hitty June?  Lewis has never met his very famous aunt because she has spent many years studying tortoises on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean.
Lewis has always wanted to meet Aunt Hitty June.

Aunt Hitty June's email is filled with the most amazing news.  She has been invited by Hitty Gertrude Bell to visit Hittyville's Adventure Land and observe a family of unusual tortoises who have suddenly appeared in this animal sanctuary.
Aunt Hitty June will indeed be making a trip to Hittyville and hopes to spend some time getting to know her niece and well as the tortoises.

Lewis is speechless.  Aunt Hitty June in Hittyville?
He can hardly wait!

~To be continued~