Thursday, December 31, 2015

On This Day in 1904

On December 31, 1904, the first New Year's Eve celebration was held in Times Square.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

On This Day in 1953

On December 30, 1953, the first color television set went on sale.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Monday, December 28, 2015

Abe and Elliott Visit the Zoo

 On this rainy, yet somewhat mild day, the Gates and Carlson families along with Joe, Brooke, Scott, and myself headed to the Cleveland Zoo bright and early to visit The Rain Forest and the Elephants and Primates.
Kate was under the weather and would meet us later for lunch.

Abe was totally fascinated with the beautiful waterfall in the entrance of The Rain Forest.

So very very high...

Elliott found a new friend.

What are those monkeys doing?

I love observing children observing their surroundings.
They see so much more than we do.

Beautiful in its own space...

The otters were the most fascinating little creatures to watch.

My favorites...the capybara!

A moment with Daddy...

Abe spent a good several minutes watching the snake disappear into the rock.
Totally absorbed in the moment...

Turtle watching with Mommy...

Let's visit the elephants!

 Abe loves elephants...
I wish they could be free.

This is one of my favorite pictures.
It speaks volumes...

Brooke loves Abe and cherishes the time they spend together.

Off to visit the Primates!

Abe's face tells the story of this adventure.

It was so wonderful spending time with Travis, Elliott, and Kristen.

Three generations viewing an ancestor of sorts.

Memories were made today.

And then...
Pat, Cassi, Keith, and Kate met us at Buffalo Wild Wings for a late lunch.

 Kate and her little family...
I know how much this Christmas visit meant to my sister.

Keith won a dog in the toy machine and gave it to Abe.
I tell you, that boy has a big heart.
Thank you, Keith!

This was without a doubt my most favorite Christmas.
Our entire family is so very blessed and the greatest lesson I have learned over the years is...
It does go on...and joyfully so.

Goodbye Christmas Tree

 Scott and Joe readied our Christmas Tree for a move to its final resting place.
It was raining pine needles!

Now to remove the plastic and take the tree down to our Deer Forest where the branches will serve as shelter for some small animals.
Joe decorated the tree with suet for our bird friends.

Thank you for your help, Scott!

A Visit From Some Guinea Hens

 Early Saturday morning, we heard the dogs barking in quite a frenzied manner.
No wonder!
Our front yard was filled with Guinea Hens!

 It turns out the hens belong to a farmer down the road and they like to get out for a change of scenery once in a while.

Joe treated the hens to a bit of feed and the flock wandered off to their next destination.

You never know who may show up on our Farm on any given day.

Toddler Fun the Day After Christmas

 Kristen had a mini high school reunion of sorts at Kate's home the day after Christmas and Amy and Abe were invited to join in the fun.
The boys were hard at play!

If you are wondering what Elliott and Abe are would be called Toddler Yoga.  Our California boy is teaching his Ohio cousin some interesting positions.

~My heart is smiling~

Christmas Day at John and Corey's Home

 The past meets the present.
Johnny's dining room is filled with Mom and Dad's furniture, china, and art pieces, yet it feels like it all belongs right where it is after these many years.
I think of this room as The Christmas Room.

Kate arrived with her nut roll and Brooke was beyond looking forward to it!

Lindsay is expecting her son in just two short months.  I love that our family has so many children!
Travis and Elliott appear to be having a conversation with Lindsay while Dion was busy with his new Christmas toys.

Abe continued to be enamored with little Brianna.

Mommy's little helper...

Treasured moments...
~Grandmother and grandson~

Wolf and Johnny definitely have the tall genes in our family.

Our beautiful blondes...Hannah and Elsa!

It looks like Kate is making enough mashed potatoes for an army!
Hi Corey...

What would we do without Cassi's gravy?
Hi Missy...

What is it about those potatoes? the Getta look!

A HUGE thank you to Corey and Johnny for making this amazing Christmas possible!

I love Corey's macaroni and cheese!

Missy and Jimmy share the same birthday!

Like son.

Brooke and Scott shared a moment...

The Fab Five...
It isn't often we all get together.
How sweet it is when we do!

Our children...

Our grandchildren...with the exception of Carly...who is a younger child.

Noah, Amy, and Abe...

My "little" family...

Signing off with a bit of Christmas music from two of my favorite people on the planet!

~Without a doubt, it was the best of Christmases~