Friday, August 28, 2015

Maryellen Meets a Kindred Spirit

 Maryellen, her dog Scooter, and dolly Ellie are exploring their new neighborhood.

 Torryanna wonders who is driving that pretty pink car in their direction.
It looks like someone just her size!  She must invite her to stop and share some cookies.

A  bit later...
It was a time for making friends!  Torryanna and Maryellen feel like they have known each other do Coconut and Scooter.
Kaya and Ellie seem to be hitting it off as well!

~It was the happiest of cookie picnics~

The Great American Girl Adventure

 Finally!  August 27th had arrived and Joe, Brooke, and I were traveling to the American Girl Store in Columbus to meet Maryellen and bring her home along with her collection.  We thought a "moving van" was in order.

Maryellen Larkin is a doll of the 50's...1954-55 to be exact!
She embodies my childhood and her story is similar to mine...We are polio survivors, left handed, part of a big family, and so much more!
~Maryellen is the most special of dolls~

 Joe and I always stop at McDonald's before a morning trip that lasts more than one hour.

At Easton Town Center...
 This poster was in the walkway on the way to THE store!

 My favorite store on the planet...

 We needed to enter the back door for the special Early Introduction to Maryellen Event.  I felt like it was Christmas morning at this point!

 Guess who was first in line?

 The gathering was a bit smaller than I expected and I am sure that was due to school being in session in most areas.  They are expecting big crowds this weekend.

 Refreshments were served...and they were delicious.

 This sweetheart was definitely in the 50's spirit!


 The diner is backordered and I ordered it!

 The sofa turns into a bed!

 I was so excited to find Kit's desk and accessories in stock.  I just had to have them for Maryellen!


 Brooke and Joe are the best sports...and helpers...ever!

 I am so glad Brooke could share in my amazing day...

 This day was extremely meaningful to me...Mom passed away 7 years ago on August 27th and I believe it was just perfect I could celebrate her life with the most precious of childhood memories...which she was such a big part of!

And then...
 Brooke and I created a couple of Build-a-Bear buddies!

 Joe and I spent some time in the Lego Store...We actually came out empty handed, but I keep thinking about the Friend's Grand Hotel.

 Time for lunch...We were hungry!

After choosing a back to school outfit for Brooke...
 Smoke had been reported coming into the Lane Bryant store from the ceiling.

 We didn't see any smoke, but the fire fighters were on the job!

 The response was impressive...

Many fire vehicles were in attendance...
Thank goodness there was a happy ending!

Back on the Farm...
 Since I have been a child, I alway have a bit of a ceremony to welcome a new doll into my imaginary world.
Today was no exception and it felt a bit more sacred for many reasons.

 Maryellen's personality came to life immediately!

We are looking for Maryellen's dog...Scooter!

See you soon and Maryellen's Adventures will definitely be continued...

~It was the BEST OF DAYS~

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Abe's Pre-Potty Training

Abe has started sitting on toilets at home and at school...with his diaper on.  It's a step in the potty training direction.
And Abe's sense of humor I mentioned...well, Noah added the mustache and pipe!
The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.

Abe's First Trip to Put-in-Bay

One of the reasons I am happy to be blogging again is it will make me be more attentive to my picture taking.  When we visited the beautiful little island of Put-in-Bay which is located close to the shores of Lake Erie earlier this month, I really wasn't concentrating on capturing our family adventure on my camera.  After I looked at the pictures I did take, I realized there were so many amazing moments I wish I would have frozen in time.  Amy and Noah sent me a few pictures, which I appreciate!

Because we were traveling to an island, we needed to take the Miller Ferry to get there.  A few minutes after this picture was taken, we were on our way and the lake was quite choppy.
Abe was NOT a happy camper and poor Brooke had to sit down and looked rather "green".

After we reached Put-in-Bay, we rented a large golf cart and proceeded to The Boardwalk and enjoyed a delicious lunch featuring lobster bisque.
Thank goodness, everyone quickly recovered from their seasickness once we reached dry land!
Noah and Abe on their way to the Perry's Peace Memorial remembering the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812.

Father and son...

Don't we look like tourists?

We traveled to this beautiful spot on our trusty golf cart and decided to explore beyond the trees.

 We found a secluded little beach area and Abe wasn't too sure what to make of it.

Abe became more curious and comfortable with his parents close by.

Getting his feet wet...

The Lake Conquerors!

Our little Beach Boy!

 Brooke and Scott enjoyed the view...

 Abe just stood and watched the waves...Such a joyful expression!

Brooke was able to convince Abe to put his shoes back on.

 Grandpa Joe thought this would be the perfect time to teach his grandson how to skip stones.

Looking for just the right stone...

And throw...

Nice job, Abe!

A bit later...
 We all headed to the Butterfly House.

 This was Brooke's favorite spot of the day.

How sweet it is!

We continued our day with a ride around the island and a stop for ice cream and other "refreshments" along the way.
Our ferry ride back to the mainland was much smoother and Noah, Amy, and Abe decided to head back to West Park.  Abe was ready for a nap.
Joe, Brooke, Scott, and I journeyed to a LongHorn Steakhouse for dinner...Such a perfect way to end a perfect day!

~It was the best of times~