Friday, June 19, 2015

Celebrating 65 Years of Life

On June 17, 2015 my family gathered together for a very impromptu Mexican Birthday party in my honor.  Not everyone was able to attend, but those absent beloved family members assured me they were there in spirit...and I felt that!

We enjoyed a great dinner in our private room!  
I am sorry I did not get a picture of myself with my brother, John...but there he is in the dark shirt.
I also didn't get a picture of my niece, Anna, who is VERY pregnant!

Mama Amy and Darling Abe with the Birthday Girl...

 I have always wanted to wear a Mexican Birthday Hat!  Noah looks amused and Dion isn't all that impressed.

I have known my sister, Cassi, longer than anyone else in my life.
We share so many memories!

Sister Kate...I am SO happy she is back in Ohio!

My beautiful daughter, Brooke, with her mama...

My wonderful son, Noah, better known as Abe's Dada!

Life is always a celebration with Joe by my side.

~It was the very BEST of birthdays~

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Camera Shy

Noah wanted to get a picture of Abe with their farm fresh groceries they purchase weekly.
Abe was not in the mood for a photo shoot and was actually saying...
"No, Dada!"
Seems my grandson has a mind of his own...much like his father.

A Contemplative Mood

With phone in hand, Abe looks deep in thought...
What do two year olds wonder about?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Abe Turns Two

 Abe started his second birthday with a special doughnut breakfast with Mama and Dada.

 Auntie Brooke always chooses just the right gifts for her beloved nephew.

 B is for Birthday!

A little Abe and Grandpa Joe time...

And then...
 Oma and Grandpa Joe have a surprise for Abe!

Abe has an idea of what's in the box.

 Abe's very own Happy Home!

 Let the building begin...

 Abe is quite the little helper.

Abe loves his phone.  He has called his mother at least ten times so far!

 Taking a rest...building is such hard work!

 Abe is naming all the Sesame Street characters on a card I delivered to his "mailbox".

Our Birthday Boy spent the longest time "reading" the instructions that came with his house.

 Abe took a water break after "mowing" his yard.
Brooke kept him company.

 Joe, Noah, and Amy worked on their pool.

 Amy is determined to get the pool opened and SOON!

 The solar cover is in place.

A bit later...
 Abe spent some indoor time in his Thomas the Tank Engine Tent which was an amazing gift from Missy and her family.

Abe really enjoys his tent.

After a short nap...
Love that boy!!!

Happy Birthday, Abe!
We all wish you lots of love and tons of happiness during the coming year!

~It was the best of days~

A Double Party Day

Our family gathered together to celebrate the upcoming birth of Anna's daughter, Brianna.

We also were celebrating Abe's second birthday!
It was quite a party...

 Cassi and Pat hosted the grand event and the appetizers and dinner which were catered were so delicious!

Rupa created the pretty pink decorations.

 Abe was quite content to watch Anna open up all her presents.
Unfortunately, Noah was home sick with a stomach virus.
He was missed.

Brooke and Elsa shared some cousin time.

 John and Kate...

Hannah and Corey...

Cassi, Kate, Lindsay, and Rupa...

Jimmy, Teresa, Elsa, and Carly...

Sisters...Rupa and Anna.

 Dion and Keith look forward to being big brothers...

Booker and Anna...parents in waiting.

Future grandmas...Cassi and Linda.

 After dinner, Cassi brought out the cakes.

Abe loved his "Choo Choo" cake!
Thank you, Cassi...

 My brother, John, and Abe...

Keith and Abe have a special bond...

Abe has always loved Hannah.
He also loves the Sloth she gave him for his birthday.

Abe loves his selfies with Auntie Brooke!

 It is always the best of times when all five siblings get together.

~We are Family~

Thank you to everyone for sharing your pictures with me.