Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Special Anniversary

Brooke and Scott gave us these beautiful flowers and took us out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary.
We will also celebrate with Noah, Amy, and Abe on Saturday.
Joe and I are so blessed to have such a loving family...

A Day With Poppy

Poppy and her family and friends are admiring The Hittyville Community Park Easter Egg Tree.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

30 Years Ago Today

Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful husband on the planet!
Thank you, Joe, for 30 amazing years...
~I love you~

100 Days With Poppy...Day 8

Poppy and her friends Sophie and Vicki have decided to spend the afternoon in Vicki's bedroom reading their favorite book series about three little girls much like themselves...Betsy, Tacy, and Tib.

Monday, April 10, 2017

100 Days With Poppy...Day 7

It was a perfect day for a horse ride around the Hittyville Labyrinth.

Wedding Plans

Brooke and I had lunch today, discussed table centerpieces with the florist, went over the invitation list...and bought the stamps for the invitations and postcards.
I am getting ready to address the invitations.
Still lots to do...

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Joe's New Friend

Joe always has his eyes wide open when cutting our lawns.
He never knows who may cross his path...

100 Days With Poppy...Day 6

Poppy, Sophie, and Vicki discovered a bluebird on their walk around Windy Ridge Farm today.
Poppy always says Mother Nature gives us the very best gifts!

Saturday Evening With Abe

 Joe and I headed up to West Park with a newly groomed and very tired Ellie to spend time with Abe while Noah and Amy went to a fund raising evening for Abe's school.

 After a take out dinner from the Rustic, Joe and Abe got busy putting together the Mega Magic Tracks set we just had to get him.
I knew he would love it!

 And he did!

 Abe wanted to experiment with and without the bridge...make an oval track and then back to the connector!

 Joe joined in on the fun...

Boys will be boys.

And then...
It was time for a break outside and Joe took Abe on a wagon ride.
All of a sudden, Abe jumped out and started picking up some small blue stones.
He then announced it was time to go back in.

 The blue stones were the gas Abe needed to drive his food truck again.
So into the gas "hole" they went.

A bit later...
 Brooke and Scott surprised us with a visit.
They had been out to dinner and a show at the Palace Theater in Cleveland.

Abe was eager to show Brooke his blue tongue...from the candy that was in the early Easter basket Joe and I got him.
Grandparents and candy go together...

Noah and Amy gave us their place setting from the party.

Abe's school raised a good deal of money for their new playground, so it was a great night for all of us!

My April Board

Around the Farm on Sunday

 My journaling table FINALLY has a spring cloth on it...

 Joe hung up some pieces in my art room.
In this corner, the church.

Pixie Cottage is getting a thorough spring cleaning!
Thank you, Joe...


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Joe's Happy Day

When I got ready to take this picture, Joe spread out his arms and declared...
All my toys!
Joe absolutely loves yard work and always says he feels like he is a kid outside playing...
~Joe's the best~

Enid Blyton

I am going through an Enid Blyton stage and enjoying it VERY much...

More Hittyville Families

 The Field Family
Arthur and Hitty Rachel
Hitty Rose and Rusty

 The Hollister Family
Tony and Hitty Olive
Hitty Abigail and Lewis

 The Scott Family
Richard and Betty

 The Taylor Family
Sheriff Andy and his Aunt Bee
Sheriff Andy's son...Opie

Sheriff Andy and Nancy Drew
This couple recently got engaged.


100 Days With Poppy...Day 5

Today was just the day for Poppy to take a long bike ride and spend some time enjoying Hittyville Pond.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The Best Ever

Noah just texted me this picture.
My son is a hippie at heart and often wishes he would have lived during the Woodstock Era.
I guess having an old hippie mom is as close as he's going to get!
Thank you, Noah...

More Hittyville Family Pictures

The Jensen Children and their Families and More...
Vicki, the oldest Jensen daughter, is married to Joe Miller.
Their son, Noah, is married to Amy and they have a son, Abe.  Daughter
Brooke is engaged to Scott McAffick and there will be a Labyrinth Wedding in Hittyville this summer.

The second Jensen sister, Maria, is engaged to Howie Miller, Joe's brother.
They have been engaged for years!

 Getta, the third Jensen daughter, is married to John Elliott.
Their five children include Vicki, Johnny, Cassi, Kate, and Missy.

 John was raised by his mother, Gladys Elliott.

 Gladys has been "friends" with Mitch Baxter forever.
They know each other so well, they finish each other's sentences.

 Torryanna is the youngest Jensen daughter and is married to Ray Miller, Joe and Howie's brother.
Whitman "Moose" and Brooklyn complete their family.

The Millers and Jensens are greatly intertwined!
Josie and Jennie Miller are cousins and after Josie's husband, Joseph, was lost at sea, both of these ladies raised Josie's four sons.
Joe, Howie, Richie, and Ray love their "mothers".

 Richie married Rosie Jones and they have a son, Joey.

Elsie Jones is Rosie's mom.  

Michael Morrison wants to know who is next!

Dennis Fender Comes to Hittyville

 Hittyville has its very own Fish Hatchery and Llama Farm.
Dennis Fender and his wife, Janet, have moved to Hittyville, all the way from Amish Country and love their new home already!

Dennis is going to work with Rupert Merry in helping the Hittyville Friends keep their ponds healthy and well stocked with fish.

~New Friends are the best~

Dennis Fender was a wonderful man and sold us our llama, Prince Caspian, 28 years ago.
Dennis was quite a character and loved roaming around his endless land in his "Gator" to visit his beloved llamas.  He had a unique way of calling his llamas and they always responded to him.
Dennis was born in a small log cabin on his property, which he proudly showed us when our family visited him...I remember a wonderful New Year's Day when Dennis and his sweetheart of a wife, Janet, invited us to dinner.
Dennis also gave me a very young lamb who needed to be bottle fed as her mother had rejected her.  Esther enjoyed a happy life on our farm.
We fell out of touch with Dennis over the past years and I was missing him and decided to "Google" our old friend last night.  Maybe Joe and I could travel to Baltic, Ohio for a visit in the next couple of weeks.
Sadly, I found his obituary.  Dennis passed away last summer at the age of 86.
I cried.  I cried because I didn't make more of an effort to visit him.  I cried because more people are leaving my life than entering it.
But this morning, I smiled.  Dennis isn't really gone.  He is alive and well in Hittyville, just like Helen Brown.
My life is richer for having known Dennis Fender.
He was one of a kind...

100 Days With Poppy...Day 4

Today Poppy and her father stopped by Mr. Walton's Wood Shop to pick up two chairs the Merry Family had ordered.
Poppy thinks Mr. Walton is a true artist.

From My Window This Morning

We had a Spring Fling with Old Man Winter today...
The forecast high for Sunday is 72 degrees.
~Ohio weather~

Loving Ginnie

I finished "Ginnie and Geneva" and my heart has been captured by the sweet story.
I can't wait to read the other nine Ginnie books!
Such a happy surprise finding this Catherine Woolley series.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Hittyville Adventure...The Redeemer

Cassi and Pat recently returned from a cruise which included a stop in Rio de Janeiro to make a pilgrimage to the Christ the Redeemer statue.
And the best part is, Cassi found just the little statue for Hittyville.
Thank you, dear Sister!

 Pastor Peale had arranged for a statue of Christ the Reedemer to be placed on Stone Falls in The Hittyville Community Park.
Miss Hitty was on hand to help dedicate the statue along with most of the Hittyville Friends.

 The statue is quite beautiful...

 Because most of the Hittyville Friends were gathered in the Park for the afternoon, Miss Hitty thought Michael might take pictures of the Friends in front of The Redeemer as a remembrance of this special day.

First up...
The Original Jensen Family
Peter and Frieda
...and their children...
Vicki, Maria, Peter, Getta, Torryanna

~More pictures of families to come~